Day Nine

Well everybody, it’s the end of day 9! One day until we are through with our cleanse! One thing I have to say is that I’m back home in Colorado right now and I really love that AdvoCare individually packages their products into single servings. It makes travelling so much easier. You just look at your packet and see what you need while you’re gone, grab it, and go. You don’t have to pour 2 scoops of protein powder into little Ziploc baggies and then hope that TSA doesn’t question whether or not you are smuggling some sort of drugs onto a plane. On the one hand all that extra packaging isn’t very green, but it is real convenient. Love it.

So, for those of you who didn’t know, I did the 30 Day Challenge with Arbonne last year. All the people who sold it to me and endorsed their product, you know who you are, shunned AdvoCare users. They said, among other things, “women don’t digest whey protein like men do, it’s so bad for you. Use pea protein, it’s plant based and way healthier.” Okay maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. Honestly every person is different. Pea protein is great for people who are have severe dairy allergies or who are vegetarian/vegan. I did lose weight on the program don’t get me wrong. And I didn’t hardly ever work out. But there is nothing like having the support system you have with AdvoCare. It gives you more peace of mind knowing other people are struggling too, and it gives you so much inspiration hearing everyone’s stories. You create a whole new little family.

I haven’t even finished my whole challenge and I think everyone should try AdvoCare because the people who are behind these products are behind them for a reason.They’re not just selling it to make money; I have not met one person who sold who didn’t try it AND didn’t reach their goals. They aren’t trying to get people behind them by bashing other companies, like other companies do. They get people behind them for the amazing results they give real people. 

With that being said me and Dustyn are obviously in love with it and love the new friends we’ve made. We hope we can help others along their journey as others have helped us along ours!


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