Day Eight

Well hello! It’s the eighth day of our challenge and there is no turning back now. We’re in it to win it! One thing that’s important to being successful in anything really is your mindset. If you believe it you can achieve it.

For success attitude is equally important as ability. There are a lot of things you can do to help you get in a successful state of mind. One thing that helps is to surround yourself with people who have similar goals and who will root for you. Join Facebook groups, follow people on Pinterest, have someone do the challenge with you, find a mentor, reach out to people. There are tons of ways you can surround yourself with positive influences! I also think it’s really important to let your friends and family know that you are making lifestyle changes. They will respect your decision and you’ll be surprised when they start inviting you to workout with them or grab a salad instead of dessert after work. If they don’t respect your decisions just remember that people always want to see you do good, but never better than them. 

Other things you can do are writing down your goals so you can see them. Make a Dream Board filled with pictures of things you want to achieve and hang it in a place you walk past every day. It will help you visualize your end results. I made a Motivation Board and hung it next to my full length mirror. I cut out pictures/quotes from magazines that I found motivational and put them together to make a collage. I put it next to the mirror that way whenever I look at myself, I also see positive thoughts that help me feel good about myself. Create a board on Pinterest filled with pictures of people who you aim to be more like and positive messages that help you get where you need to be. Subscribe to Women’s Health Magazine or Women’s Fitness. They have tons of great workouts, recipes, studies, and everything you need to learn to get you to your goals.

Another thing I love to do is meditate. I do it for 10 minutes everyday and I know it doesn’t sound like much but it works wonders. Go somewhere comfortable and quiet. Some people create spaces where they meditate, I just do it in my room or the living room. Turn down the lights and on some soundscapes or soothing music (you can find good ones on YouTube, Pandora, Milk, or even on TV). Sit cross legged on the ground with your hands on your knees palms facing up and just focus on your breathing with your eyes closed. I breath in for 5 counts and out for 5 counts. I always find my mind wandering at some point, but then I just refocus my attention on my breathing. I feel “aum”azing when I’m done. Meditation helps you lower stress and we all know that stress makes you gain weight. There are literally millions of reasons why it’s good for you but here are 20 good ones:

So I listed a ton of ways to get your mind right while trying to live a healthy lifestyle; hopefully one of them works for you! Me and Dustyn have 2 more days left in our cleanse and then we begin the max phase! We’ll continue to keep you posted on any other tips/advice we have to help 🙂 byyyee!


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