Day Eleven

Well guys we have successfully finished the cleanse part of our challenge! Now we’re on the burn phase so it’s time to step up our game!

For my work outs I have been doing one hour of accelerated pilates. I really like it because it has a lot of spine stretching and core exercises that will transition me into more intense workouts (since it’s obviously been ages since I’ve worked out). I have also been meditating and independently stretching. Through the burn phase I plan on doing aerobics and weight training. Dustyn has been doing a lot of P90X and crossfit inspired workouts. Whenever he gets home from work and on the weekends we’ll go on walks together. It’s cute, I know 😉

I was reading through the instructions for the burn days and one thing that I think might be kind of hard for me to do is to not skip any of the snacks. I don’t typically snack between meals and I hadn’t had snacks during the cleanse days but maybe two times. Honestly ‘m kinda worried it’ll make me add too many calories to my diet, so I will definitely need to plan out my meals and snacks for the day and continue to journal what I eat.

In my next blog I’ll let ya know how the first day went along with any struggles we had or advice. I’ll also give you guys some of the recipes I’ve been using. All of them are SO good that they have helped me and Dustyn with our cravings for fast food! Talk to you soon!




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