Day Sixteen

Hey everybody! Well here we are with 6 days left! It has been so long since I’ve blogged so I have A LOT to catch you up on…

As you know we are on the burn phase. First of all I just have to say that we have gotten a lot of instruction for the challenge BUT all the different instructions (PDF’s, packets, and labels on the products) are conflicting. One paper will tell you to take things at dinner and another will tell you take them at breakfast AND dinner, and there are a lot of things like that going on. SO with that being said I have taken the liberty of making my own little paper with what to eat/take and when. At first I followed the actual packet that came with the 24 Day Challenge up until the last few days just because I knew it came straight from the people who put all this together and they should know best what is the most effective.

This whole challenge has been awesome for me. I feel better about myself, I feel like I look better and fit better into my clothes. I’m happy with my results, everything tastes so good, and I never feel like I’m being deprived. However, when I started the burn phase I was getting so nauseated every day after I took the ThermoPlus, the Catalyst, and the MNS Color Pack with my morning Spark 30 minutes before my meal replacement shake for breakfast. My mouth was watering and I was afraid to speak that I might vomit when I did. Something seriously had to change because to me that feeling is ten-thousand times worse than feeling hungry. And those green pills in the color packet: disgusting. Oh, so, so gross. And there are three of them! AdvoCare, will you please put some kind of coating on them!?

Dustyn has had a TOTALLY different experience than I have had; he has just been as happy as a clam with everything. Everyone is different and we all know that, so for anyone who experiences something similar to what I did I want to let you know that that doesn’t mean you should give up. YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER GIVE UP! I want to show you the little changes I have made to help make this experience better for me:

AdvoCare’s Instruction Packet                                  

What I Do Instead in bold


30 Minutes Before Breakfast: MNS Color Pack, Spark, Catalyst, ThermoPlus                                 All at the same time: Spark, Catalyst,Color Pack and White Pack (with green pills) and ThermoPlus with 2 eggs & salsa and a banana


Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake                            

Breakfast: everything I listed above



Snack: Roasted Almonds


30 Minutes Before Lunch: MNS ColorPack, Spark, Catalyst, CarbEase                       

30 Minutes Before Lunch: Spark


Lunch: MNS White Packs (both), protein, vegetables, complex carb                                

Lunch: Meal Replacement Shake, Blue MNS Pack, White MNS Pack, Catalyst



Snack: Beef Jerky


Dinner: OmegaPlex, protein,  veggie, complex carb

Dinner: OmegaPlex, protein, veggie, complex carb



Snack: Frozen yogurt or fruit


Before Bedtime: Catalyst                                                

Before Bedtime: Catalyst


I know change isn’t easy. so switching a few of these things around has helped me so much! I am back to loving everything! Not everyone is the same and sometimes you need to listen to your body and do what you think is right. I hope I didn’t make everything sound terrible because it really is not at all…maybe I’m just a huge cry baby and complain sometimes haha but  I want to be honest with you guys so if you decide you want to do the challenge you have some different options of what you can do if you experience similar things happen. I didn’t give up on the challenge and that is the point I wanted to make.

Anyway, there’s that 🙂 Happy Thursday y’all!


2 thoughts on “Day Sixteen

  1. That is awesome Amanda! I wish Dustin would’ve told me in detail what was going on!! He just said you didn’t like all the pills! Haha but that is exactly what we recommend. Most of the time nauseousness comes from not eating enough or your body just going WHOA, so we make adjustments according to you! I’m so proud of you guys and love this blog!

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  2. Haha yeah I didn’t really tell him in detail because I was in Colorado at the time, but I had a feeling the nausea was associated with an insufficient caloric intake. Thank you so much for all your support Katie we really appreciate it 🙂


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