Day Seven

Hello! We’re now a week into our challenge! Woohoooo! Overall I can say that both Dustyn and I are sleeping better, waking up feeling refreshed, and have more overall energy throughout the day. It’s awesome how much your diet and supplements can help you in your overall feeling of wellness in addition to making you feel good about yourself!

So as I promised here is a little review of the AdvoCare products we’ve been using thus far:

Spark (mandarin orange) – delicious especially with your breakfast! It’s like orange juice almost but with even more nutrients and energy. The only thing I don’t like is that when I pour it into my water it gets a little bit clumpy and is hard to mix, but that is really not a huge deal.

Spark (pink lemonade) – my personal favorite! I love lemonade. This one is good for your lunchtime spark if you need it. It’s super refreshing and tangy.

Meal Replacement Shake (vanilla) – There is a ton of powder in the pouch, but it dissolves so well. I was expecting it to be thick and lumpy, but it wasn’t! The flavor was awesome too. I think it tastes best with water and ice.

Fiber Drink (peaches and cream) – tastes really good but is a little thick. You definitely need a straw. It tastes best om ice as well and make sure you drink it fast because the longer it sits the thicker it gets. One of Dustyn’s family members who sells it as well recommended that we mix it with orange juice. I haven’t tried it yet but I will in a few days and will let you all know how that is!

Omegaplex – they don’t have a flavor so I don’t have a real review on them except that they are a lot easier to swallow than the herbal cleanse pills.

Herbal Cleanse Pills – these are a group of 3 large pills you take at bedtime to help clean out your GI tract so as to help you digest easier and absorb more nutrients. They have a weird flavor and I gag easily so I either have to pretend I’m racing somebody and take them as fast as humanly possible or take them with orange juice. The pills work really well though!

Probiotics – these are puny compared to the other ones so taking them is no big deal. No flavor or anything.

There it is! 3 more days of our 10 day cleanse and so far it has been easy peasy! Dustyn still has some Mango Strawberry Spark and Strawberry Blast Slam if anyone would like a sample!

Talk to ya soon 😉




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