Day Threee… Six? Oops

Hey guys! Looks like a couple of days have gotten away from us! So let me catch you up. The night before we started our challenge I weighed 137.2 lbs and I have lost 4.2 pounds! Dustyn weighed 200.4 lbs and he has lost 2 pounds! We are ecstatic about our progress and knowing that our efforts are giving us these results gives us even more motivation to keep pushing through!

This weekend we went out to dinner with our roomie and the next day we went to Dustyn’s family reunion. Of course there are tons of opportunities to cheat on our challenge when we go out, and of course we had to try Dustyn’s mom’s homemade ice cream (SO GOOD), but we made conscious decisions to control our portions and limit our carbs and sugars. You can’t be afraid to ask the waiter/waitress to hold the bun and cheese or turn down your family member’s chocolate cake. People always say, “You only live once, you might as well eat what you want,” but that is exactly why you shouldn’t just eat whatever you want. Dustyn’s dad told us, “just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s good for you.” 

I believe if you spend more money on your well-being now you won’t have to spend as much money when you’re old trying to get well. Fruits and vegetables are way more expensive than Doritos and Oreos. Advocare’s 24 day challenge is way more expensive than staying inside and playing video games or watching all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix. BUT these things are not nearly as expensive as all the prescriptions you’ll have to take when you’re older for the high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, or diabetes you developed as a result of a poor diet.

Here are some of my tips for going out to eat to make healthier decisions:

  • look at their menu online before you get there and decide what you want
    • if you do this when you’re not starving you’ll be able to choose something that is healthy for you
  • make sure when you get there you drink a full glass of water before you eat
    • it will help you feel fuller
  • look for the section in the menu that has healthy option
    • some restaurants partner with weight watchers and will show you the nutritional value of their entrees
  • if they don’t have a section like that, ask your server for their gluten free menu
  • ask for substitutes for french fries (steamed veggies or a side salad), ask to hold the cheese, no bread, etc
    • don’t be afraid to be the annoying person at the table
  • don’t go out starving
    • have some a few nuts or pieces of beef jerky to go out to avoid over eating — it won’t “spoil your dinner”
  • try not to eat the whole plate of food they give you
    • restaurant portions are bigger than what you’d serve yourself
    • ask for a to-go box when you get your meal and put half of it in there (you’ll have a healthy meal for lunch tomorrow!)
  • if you have an appetizer make it a salad, and if you have dessert share it with everyone
    • giving yourself too many limitations can be just as dangerous as not giving yourself any at all

Well there they are! Hopefully that was helpful to you guys. I’ll be blogging again tonight to make up for this weekend and I’ll talk more about our experience with Advocare this far!

ttyl y’all 😉


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